Thank you for visiting my website!  I am the only veteran running in this primary and I want to be your next Representative for the 21st Assembly District.

As I’ve talked to Wisconsinites, the majority want fair reforms like the Voter ID bill and the proposed Health Care Freedom Amendment which would guarantee choice in healthcare… or reform of Unelected Boards to remove their unlimited taxing authority…, or a Comprehensive Election Reform bill that can ensure the integrity of each citizen’s vote on election day.  I also want to hear more about your concerns and the issues facing our community.

For the last four years, I’ve been active grass roots organizer; actively promoting good legislation that protects the poor, the middle class, and small businesses in Wisconsin.   I have testified in favor of good bills like Eminent Domain reform sponsored by Sen. Lazich.  I have also spoken out against misguided legislation like the “Green Energy Jobs Bill” of 2010 with its onerous regulations and blatant cronyism towards green energy companies.

Wisconsin is a great state, and I am running because I know it can be even better when we elect someone who understands it’s all about getting things done.

Thank you for your support,


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